Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Dungeon

As summer reaches its Mid-Point I feel that I need to make an honorable mention about a place that consumed the minds of many different people in the past month and a half. Some call it the Dungeon, but its real destination in fact is, Sean Conroy's Basement. Its where the Realist Summer began. Its where Tertris Tournaments were created, Call of Duty was taken too seriously and where I lost my mind to many times. Many sunrises have been watched in The Dungeon for we do not sleep until it does so. I dare you to sleep in The Dungeon without sleeping in past noon. This is where Friendships were made and Champions were not. Some may not admit its nerdiness to the rest of the world and may tell their girlfriends, other friends not apart of the dungeon, or relatives and say that they're at a festivity and cannot talk at the moment. The best part is, we weren't lying when we said that to you on the phone, considering The Dungeon should be in the Dictionary next to the word, Festivity. Were working that out with Mr. Webster.

Other information regarding The Dungeon, activities that take place in The Dungeon, and simply any other talk of The Dungeon cannot be done. This is a Pact called The Conroy-Salerno-Dungeon Pact that was signed by all of The Dungeon attendees.

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